Tamara Schacher~ Tytla

Nedstat Counter The muse that sings to me is the nude. As I journey through life, as a Photographic Fine Artist, I am always experimenting. No two of my prints, even from the same negative, are ever exactly alike, I print gelatin silver mono prints. I'm constantly exploring; playing. Photography, the dimensions & directions I go with it, is my addiction. I refuse to give it up. I must keep capturing the image, manipulating & playing with it, toning or hand coloring it. My art is very serious work to me, but it is also one of the most lovely ways to play & express my creativity. I like my images to be those of elegance & power: and if not that ~~~ thought provoking. The probability of achieving perfection is inconceivable. Perfection is the top of the mountain. Once the mountain has been conquered, the journey is over. But, there is too much out there to be discovered for the journey to end, there are more mountains to scale. So, I keep in my quest of the perfection that alludes us all. When I've worked hard enough, I just might get a glimpse of the summit.

Tamara Schacher~Tytla, August 24,1999.

For those who appreciate the beauty of the nude (male or female imagery) my imagess are available for purchase. I am one of the founders of Gallerie JJENTH, a co-operative Fine Arts Gallery located in the Downtown Artists District in Peekskill, New York. Our address is; 1006 Brown Street, Peekskill, NY. (next door to the Paramount Theater, an historical site). I am also a contributing photographer to the Center for Photography at Woodstock's annual fundraising auction. I am working on a catalog, soon to be released. All images on this page are copywrited 1999 Tamara Schacher-Tytla Photography. Please email me at: